Water Seepage

Are you troubled by water seepage in your home? Is there wall water seepage in your home? Did you notice dark brown spots or “bubbles” on your wall?  Did your timber floor turn greyish colour? Don’t know where the water comes from? Our professional water seepage specialists can find the source of the water seepage in your home.  Our associates can then repair and stop the water seepage … we promise. Trust me, we had helped numerous home owners get rid of water seepage in their home.

Also,  are you troubled by water leaking ceiling in your home and your neighbour above is not co-operating? We are water seepage specialists and help neighbours settle their water leak ceiling disputes. We can inspect the water seepage problem, write a report on the problem and present it to Strata Title Board, if needed. Our report is endorsed by  Professional Architect, who is experienced in locating the source of water seepage. We had submitted numerous water seepage reports to Strata Title Board and had settled disputes between neighbours. You are welcomed to call us to discuss your water seepage problem first before appointing us. Our helpful water seepage specialists will be happy to guide you on what to do with your water seepage problem. 

What you cannot see, our equipments can see. We use the latest infrared technology to help trace the source of the water seepage. With our extensive experience and the latest equipment, no water seepage can escape our detection. Within the same day of inspection, we are able to locate the source of water seepage and recommend to you the most cost effective way to repair the irritating water seepage once and for all. The repair can start almost immediately depending on your convenience. If you require an inspection report, this can be arranged at a special rate. You can whatsapp photos of the seepage to us at 97124818 for a free telephone consultation. So, what are you waiting for.

Click here to call us now or email to archomeinspectors@gmail.com for a no obligation telephone consultation OR to book an appointment for our inspectors to visit your home. Best price guaranteed. Immediate results

Our professional water seepage inspectors use infra-red camera to find the source of water seepage
Our professional water seepage specialists use infra-red camera to trace the source of water seepage
A typical thermal scan image showing water leakage around the door and the door frames
No water seepage can escape our specialists eyes. Picture shows a thermal scan image with water seepage in the door frames
paint peels from the ceiling
Water seepage on the ceiling will cause the paint will peel off. Soon, the concrete slab will fall off.
water leakage will damage your timber floor
Dampness on the floor will damage all your timber floors and soon, you will have to replace all your timber floors.


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