Our Home Defect Inspection Service

Our Home defect inspection service consists of 3 On-site Inspections cum Site Meetings and preparation of 2 copies of Home Defect Inspection report.

1st on-site inspectionOur home inspectors will conduct a detail inspection of your new condominium or new home, photograph and record down all defects detected.

2nd on-site meetingOur home inspector will conduct a 3-party joint meeting with both the home owner and the developer to show the defects to both of them. It is expected that after being informed of the defects, the developer will proceed with rectification of the home defects.

3rd on-site inspection After the developer had rectified the home or condo defects, our home defect inspector will organise another 3-party joint inspection with the developer and home owner to inspect the completed rectification to ensure that the defects are satisfactorily rectified.

we would conduct on-site defect inspections cum site meeting with you
we would conduct on-site defect inspections cum on-site meetings with you

Home Defect Inspection Report

As mentioned, we would prepare and issue 2 copies of home defects inspection report to the home owner. This comprehensive report consists of 3 sections. They are :

Section 1 This section summarises all components in your condo or house that had been inspected, eg. wall and floor finishes, ceiling finishes, doors, windows, elect power points and etc. and a general report on their conditions.

Section 2 This section compiles all the home defects detected during the 1st on-site inspection. The report documents the location of the defects, photographs and a description of the defects.

Section 3 :    This section provide recommendations to the home owner as to what action to take regarding the defects and also provide guidance on how to use the appliances and the proper way to maintain the home so as to reduce occurrence of defects.

we would compile defect inspection report and issue to you
we would compile defect inspection report and issue to you.

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