Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the inspection take?      A typical inspection would probably require about 4 hrs (3 room apartment) to 5 hrs (5 room apartment).  However, for a landed or strata house, which are mostly bigger in area,  it may take up to 6 hrs or more.

How long would the whole process take?     From the initial 1st on-site inspection to the final inspection with the developer, it may take about 4 weeks, depending on how soon the developer completes the home defects rectification.

 What experience and training does your inspector have?     Our inspectors are professional architects who had 30 yrs extensive experience in construction works supervision.  As such, they are familiar with defects that are common in condominiums, HDB flats and landed houses.

What happens after the initial inspection?     After the initial inspection, we would prepare and compile the home defects inspection report. When ready, we would issue to the home owner.

How many inspections and meetings do you provide?      We provide 3 on-site inspections cum site meetings over a period of approximately 4 weeks or later, depending on how soon the defects can be rectified.

 What kind of housing types do you inspect?     We inspect  condominium, BTO flats, private flats, landed houses and resale houses.

Does it mean that after the initial rectification by the developer, there will not be any more defects?    Home defects show itself throughout the life span of your home because of initial defects, normal wear and tear and aging of the building components. However, it is important for the home owner to take advantage of the 1 year DLP by informing the developer as soon as you have detected the home defects during the 1 year DLP.

Can I go ahead to conduct the home defects inspection on my own?    Yes, you can conduct your own home defects inspection, provided you know what is acceptable and what is not acceptable workmanship and that you have the necessary tools to detect the defects and that you can communicate with the developer on construction matters. Otherwise, it is still worthwhile to appoint a home defects inspector to assist you with the said  inspection. Moreover, we give you value for your money.

Does your service include being an expert witness in court case against the developer?   Our services do not include being an expert witness in court. However, until now, all the defects are usually been rectified satisfactorily. Any disputes as to the defects had been resolved amicably between the home owner and the developer before reaching the courts.

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